Managing Your Ad Preferences

Videology believes in the principles of transparency and choice when it comes to use of your information in delivering our advertising. Videology works with third party data partners who provide us with interest-based information in order to deliver advertising that more closely reflects your interests.

Videology supports deployment of Advertising Option icon (AdChoices) as part of its compliance with Digital Advertising Alliance self-regulation program and the IAB Europe Framework for Online Behavioural Advertising. For more information about behavioral advertising and your choices, please visit and

On this page you can view what information, if any, we may use to target advertisements to you. If you prefer not to receive targeted advertising from Videology (whether you reside in the US or in the United Kingdom), you may opt-out by following the instructions below. To see a list of all of our standard Interest-Based Categories, please click here.

Your Interest Categories:


Opting Out

We understand that you may prefer not to take advantage of the benefits of receiving tailored, more relevant advertising. If that is your preference, we provide you with the ability to opt-out of our use of your click-stream data to deliver targeted advertising.

To opt-out of Videology cookies, please click here:

Videology is also a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). You can opt-out of Videology cookies and other NAI member cookies by clicking here:

Videology Ltd. conforms with the IAB Europe Framework for Online Behavioural Advertising (the "Framework"). You can opt-out of Videology cookies and other companies that have adopted the Framework by clicking here:

If you choose to opt-out of Videology cookies, your device will request an "opt-out cookie" that will prevent us from matching your device with your anonymous click-stream data and from using such data to deliver targeted advertising to your device's browser. The Videology opt-out cookie must remain on your device in order for us to recognize you as an opt-out user. If you use multiple devices to access the Internet or multiple browsers you will need to opt-out of receiving cookies on each device and for each browser. Also, if you change devices or delete cookies from your device you will need to repeat this opt-out process.

Information About Your Device

We may also deliver ads to you based on demographic information we received from our third-party data partners, and based on information about your device sent to us by your cookies and browser. Those ads are not interest-based ads.

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